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Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per AD in ADVERTISING in newspapers I pass those advertising dollars saved as gifts to my clients that help me find new clients. The best clients are ones that are referred to me by others by ‘word of mouth’. Who are nice just like you - that would be kind enough to introduce me to other homeowners. If you provide me with just 3 names of potential homeowners that may wish to use my services for a FREE mortgage tune up evaluation then I will treat you to the movies at Cineplex Odeon. A $25 value.


It gets better!

When any referral actually becomes a client then you can pick a larger Appreciation Gift listed above to choose from. A $150 value. More new clients = more Gifts above. And every time you send another 3 referrals you receive another FREE movie pass AND every time a new client is found from those referrals you can pick another $150 value prize above. More referrals = more Gifts. It is just my way of saying thank you for recommending me to others.


No time limit! Endless Gifts!

Thank you for your referrals! The only condition is that the referral must be someone you know, who owns a home presently, and that you will tell them ahead of time that I will call them to introduce myself. It is that simple and easy.

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Yes! I want my $25 Cineplex Odeon movie pass! Here are some referrals of homeowners that I personally know, that have mortgages. I have let each one know about you and they wish you to call them for a Mortgage Tune-up!™ Please Call!



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Note: your referral can live anywhere in Canada! You will be given a $150 Appreciation Gift (noted above) for any referral that becomes an actual client and does a mortgage with us! No limit! So please continue to send referrals to us. Thank you!



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The highest compliment I can receive is a referral from a friendGreg Stanley CFP AMP
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