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Owning a home, for most people, is the largest investment you’ll ever make – and your mortgage payments are a significant
financial commitment to make each month.


Ask yourself honestly: if you lost your job or were laid off could you still make mortgage payments without difficulty? If you are fighting a fight against cancer or recovering from a heart attack do you have the cash in the bank to make your mortgage payments on time; and for at least 2 years? Most don’t, and those that do would rarely want to use up their life savings this way. If you were disabled tomorrow, would your mortgage payment be covered each month? With us – the answer is ‘yes’ to all our questions.


Consider a death of a breadwinner: often it takes more than just one income to qualify for a mortgage. One needs to consider
what would happen to your home and your family, if something were to happen to you or your spouse? Would the family home be lost? Without enough mortgage protection coverage the answer sadly is often ‘yes’. It is bad enough to lose a loved one, but to lose one’s home too at the same time is a hardship that is totally preventable at a cost that is very affordable and a must have necessity.


While we are arranging your mortgage financing we want to provide you with a no obligation insurance quote that will fit
into your budget. Now is the time to protect your home from a preventable hardship with an easy to join creditor mortgage insurance policy.


With our mortgage insurance coverage we can protect you against financial hardships caused by disability, a serious illness, death and even a job loss! People need mortgage protection insurance as a safeguard against unforeseen perils.


In today’s times, more than ever, one needs to protect their income. We have coverage that can provide not only life coverage but also ‘loss of income’ coverage if you ever suffer a job lay off or a permanent job loss with your current employer!



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