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At Home n Work, we have seen homeowners lose homes due to an unforeseen illness or death; and sadly nowadays ‘loss of job’ is a real concern.

These are hardships that can be completely avoided with low cost mortgage insurance coverage. We feel that this coverage is so important that we have made arrangements to have your first months’ premium paid for you.


Protect your family today and enjoy a free month of coverage on us! We will obtain a quote request for you and get you the very best rates.

The features you will receive:

Lowest Premiums Possible

Because your mortgage protection is part of a group plan, and because we have multiple insurance providers to compare rates against, you can be assured that your monthly premiums will be the lowest in the industry while providing you with superior mortgage protection benefits. We lead the country in benefits available.


Flexible Coverage

We can tailor a premium that is correct for your budget. For example, you can simply say “$50 per month for as much life insurance as possible” and we can issue that policy. Another option is to take complete coverage to fully pay off your mortgage should you become deceased at some future date. The choice is yours. We feel that you should have some coverage rather than none, and that it should be done at the time that your mortgage financing is being arranged by us.


The comparison is that everyone should have a power generator in case of a blackout. And although not everyone can afford a generator – everyone can afford a flashlight to be able to see! The choice should never be between a generator or complete darkness. We promise to give you mortgage protection insurance that you can afford.


Coverage to Take Anywhere

Regardless of which lender you choose for your mortgage today, or which lender you may change to in years to come; our insurance plan automatically transfers to the new lender (without any charge to you). As long as you have a mortgage, you’ll have coverage. Many other companies, including banks and credit unions, do not offer this flexibility.


Best Time to Acquire Mortgage Insurance

Summary Highlights

· First month’s premium paid by us!
· The most protection benefits available in Canada
· Full or partial coverage- whatever fits in your budget!
· Our policy will move automatically with you whether you change from one lender to another, or even if you move from one
home to another (certain restrictions apply)



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